Anthony J Adams, DDS, PA

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Dr. Adams practices traditional general and cosmetic dentistry. However, he practices a more natural approach. He emphasizes the physiologic relationship between oral health and total body health. He has been a visionary in dentistry. His practice interests have positioned him ahead of his peers, as he utilized new technologies much before they became common. Dr. Adams’ belief in more natural and minimally invasive approaches to healing have minimized the use of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, ablation, or toxin applications in his practice.


What sets us apart is that we’re a caring office located in a small town. Our interest is placed in the time we invest in our patients. Our goal is a result towards a patients’ total health. We deliver thoroughness and value the service that we give to each patient. We treat patients the way we would like to be treated. We specialize in caring for our patients & offer a great family atmosphere.